Aluminum Balusters - Types And Options

Most homes are built with staircases and balconies in them. To ensure safety, home owners fit their stairways and balconies with balusters. This is especially important in homes where there are little children and older adults. Traditionally, balusters are made from wood but with advances in technology, wrought iron balusters came into existence. In recent times, aluminum balusters became available in the market place.

Balusters are used mainly for protection but in modern times, their use has moved from mere protective fittings to include fixtures used for home decoration. Wooden balusters are usually painted to make them more attractive while aluminum balusters are naturally attractive and do not need extra painting.

Types of Balusters

Balusters come in various types. Generally, they can be grouped into the following:

  • Wooden Balusters: These are the oldest and most widely used balusters. They can be subdivided into conventional and handrail balusters.
  • Conventional Balusters: The characteristic feature of this type of baluster is the square like bottoms with identical measurement lengthwise.
  • Handrail Balusters: The foundation squares of this type of balusters are not similar in length. 
  • Metal Balusters: These can be Iron balusters, wrought iron balusters, brass balusters and aluminum balusters. Iron and wrought iron balusters are more durable than the wooden balusters but aluminum balusters are preferred for their fine luster. 
  • Glass Balusters. These are becoming increasing popular but they are not usually installed in homes with children because they can easily be shattered.

How to Choose the Right Balusters for Your Staircase

Making a choice out of the numerous types of balusters available in the market today can be a real challenge. There are uncountable variants to go for. You may get to the market and feel completely confused. Nevertheless, you just have to make the right choice because doing otherwise would be to compromise the safety and aesthetic beauty of your home. The following are a few tips to guide you.

  • If you are going for wood balusters, ensure that the wood used in making them are of good quality.
  • Check to ensure that the wood is durable. You do not want to buy something that will last only a few months.
  • When it comes to choosing metal balusters, wrought iron balusters and aluminum balusters are among the best. Wrought iron balusters are preferred for their malleability and low cost while aluminum balusters are preferred because they are very easy to install.

4 Reasons why you should go for Aluminum Balusters

It has been said that you should choose the type of balusters that will match your home’s internal decoration. Here are four reasons you may consider choosing Aluminum Balusters.

  1. Wooden balusters are widely used but it has a major flaw. It does not last very long and they are easily worn out by the weather elements. Metal balusters especially aluminum balusters are much more durable.
  2. Iron balusters are easily corroded by moist air. This is not so with Aluminum balusters as they are quite resistant to damp air.
  3. It is much easier to install aluminum balusters than it is to install other types of balusters.
  4. Though they are not the cheapest in the market, aluminum balusters are not very expensive.
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